Exelixis Automotive services

Here is a short list of automotive services

Custom Wiring

Engine / chassis Wiring

Get your wiring done by professional with the best materials of the motorspost industry

Regular cars Chiptunning at Exelixis Etuners

Reqular Cars Chiptuning

Tune your car to gain more power and consume less fuel.

Exelixis Customer Training

Customer Training

Why not tune / build your own car, wiring …

Motorsport Chiptuning

Motorsport Recalibration

Recalibrate your race car by profesionnals , on the most accurate dyno.

Engine building solutions at Exelixis Etuners

Engine Building Solutions

We build it , you race it simple as that!

Dyno rental at Exelixis Etuners

Exelixis Dyno Rental

Tune your car within a safe place not on streets, Get real data on what you are doing on the most accurate Dyno.

Tune building Consulting at Exelixis Etuners

Tune / building Consulting

Ask a professional about your tune or build , we can help you more that you think .