Exelixis Dyno Rental

Dyno rental at Exelixis Etuners
Dyno rental at Exelixis Etuners

Exelixis is one of the only shops at Lyon / Rhone alpes to use the state of the Art Bapro 4R Hp Dyno , used from leading factories like Magnetti marreli, We have successfully used our Bapro dyno to tune countless race cars over the years and now making them available for rental!

Big power race cars no longer have to worry about putting the power down as we have successfully tune car over 1000hp with no Wheel spin !! With the superior load control, driving conditions can be simulated to any race track.

Dyno Day 25 & 26 juin 2016 @ Exelixis
Dyno Day 25 & 26 juin 2016 @ Exelixis

Our BPA-4RHP can support aproximately 1300hp up to 360km/h !

Exelixis Rental Rates

  • 1 hour 180€
  • 4 hour 600€
  • Full Day (8 hours) 1000€

Extra Infos

Because we are a professional tuning facility at Exelixis, the dyno is in use most of the time. We do have limited spots available for rental purposes. If you are interested in reserving dyno rental time, please email us!

  • Prepayment Should be made in order to make your appointment valuable.
  • No refunds will be done if you broke the car, or not be able to finish your tune.
  • In case of a engine brake, Exelixis will not take care of repair.
  • Please do check up at your fluids, before mounting the car on the Dyno.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact us