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Exelixis Dyno Day Lyon

Dyno day Exelixis 16/06/2018. Enjoy et partage …

BMW M3 E46 Alpha N

Bmw M3 E46 alpha N custom tuning.

FORD Focus ST 2.5T

Cartographie sur ford Focus ST

RENAULT Clio Ragnotti Group A

Voiture disponible a la location chez Auto sport 01 Réalisation du faisceaux Milspec complet moteur +châssis avec powerboard Calculateur Maxxecu / Maxxtuning AB Cartographie Procédure de départ Coupure boite (Flatfootshift) Resultat 203.5cv / 23Kgm

BMW M3 E32

Stock Engine
Schrick camshafts 292°
Akrapovic full exhaust system *(Stock headers)
Cold Air Front mouth carbon intake.
460cv / 44Kgm !

GT500 Dyno Run

Shelby GT500 2014
Stage 6 VMP perfrocmance Pack
Custom Methanol Injection
Custom dyno Tune with HP-tuners
804cv / 1200Nm !!

VW Golf 6 GTI Dyno remap

Golt 6 GTI
Tsi 2.0 200hp engine
Dyno remaped Only Software no other parts installed

NISSAN 200sx V8 Ls1

200sx with a V8 LS1 engine inside
Custom remap Holley Hp

BMW M3 E92 Supercharged

M3 e92 G-power supercharger
Custom tuned

BMW M3 E92

Full exhaust Akrapovic
Carbon Intake Grouppe M
Watermethanol injection

CITROËN 1600 C2 R2

Engine rebuild / custom remap
Sequential gearbox

PEUGEOT 106 S16 F2000

High Efficiency engine built by exelixis
Haltech Sport 1000 Ecu
Full milspec wiring