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SDM-700 is our flagship 7” Pro-level Dash Display & Central Logger that is suitable for the most demanding of usage cases. Weighting less than 800g, it comes in a high quality , IP67 sealed, CNC aluminium enclosure and features an ultra-vivid, high-brightness anti-reflective TFT display. Combines best-in-class display functionality and UI with full spectrum datalogging and performance measurements, with built-in 50Hz GPS, 100Hz IMU & 1GB memory.

What’s in the Box

  • Display
  • Souriau 37pin Motorsport Connector
  • Connector Pins
  • GPS Antenna

Available Product Versions

  • SDM-700

Principales caractéristiques

  • 7” High-brighness Antireflective TFT display
  • QuickGlance™ UI
  • Automatic display page changing
  • Preloaded Smart Alarms & User Defined Alarms
  • Fully Custom CAN BUS
  • Display of up to 512 ECU
    Up to 48 different display pages
  • 1GB internal datalogging memory with variable rate up to 1000Hz
  • Built-in Vehicle Dynamics Module (50Hz GPS / 100Hz IMU)
  • Integrated Performance Meter
  • 4x Multi-purpose 0-5V inputs
  • 4x Multi-purspose 0-16V inputs
  • 2x Thermo-couple Inputs
  • 2x LS & 2x HS Aux Outputs
  • 16 Configurable RGB LED Lights
  • 8x Math Channels
  • 4x 1D Math Tables
  • 2x 2D Math Tables
  • 16x User Flags
  • 4x User Persistent Channels
  • High-speed USB port
  • 2x CAN BUS
  • 1x RS232
  • 1x LIN BUS


  • Compatible with most after Market ECUs and with OBDII (ISO15765)

Logiciel PC

Fourni avec le logiciel SDM Device / Configuration Manager gratuit. Pour télécharger le PC SW, cliquez here.

Key Features

  • Quick & easy device configuration
  • Firmware upgrades/updates via USB
  • Engine log review
  • Custom CAN Bus configuration
  • Math Channels


Cliquez ici pour la version en ligne du manuel d’instructions